Tips for Life Happiness and the Keys to Real Happiness From the Inside Out


According to the ancient laws of nature, happiness can not be sustained by anything outside of us. The concept is similar to holding a bicycle wheel off the ground and spinning it by hitting it with a stick. Once the wheel is spinning the stick can keep it spinning, but the real momentum came from somewhere else.

If you lift the front wheel of a bicycle off the ground, you can spin in easily, because the centre of that wheel is connected to an axle that rotates without much friction. If there were sand in that front axle, or no grease, then no matter how hard we spin the wheel it’ll keep coming to a rapid stop.

Once, I remember being miserable. I was unhappy but everything I was doing was great. I had no excuse to be unhappy, really, everything was great, on the surface. But, no matter what I did, the happiness that came from it, didn’t last very long. I’d go sailing my windsurfer and feel fantastic but as soon as I showered off afterward,

Lose Weight and Live Healthy For Life The Easy Way


If you search just a little you will be amazed at all the products and diet books you will find that will help you to lose weight. There are pills and drinks, detox diets, age old secrets, Hoodoo and Voodoo and every other trick, tip and surefire guaranteed way that works or doesn’t work.

Here’s the real deal.


I personally believe, as do many members of the health, nutrition and fitness fields, that this is the only way that you will achieve any type of success in your quest to lose weight. If done right you will find this to be a very easy way to lose weight and be healthy for life. Please consult your health professional before starting a new diet or exercise program.

Here’s a little tip that I read that seemed to make sense and has worked for me. Start your day by revving up your metabolism. I do this most days. You begin by drinking 16 ounces of cold water to

Improving your Family s Health for Life


Weight problems do not always run in families, but it is quite likely that the eating and exercise habits we learn as children stay with us into adulthood. That is why it is never too early to help your family develop the habits that can help them eat right and control their weight for life. Implement these daily living rituals and improve your entire family’s health:

Food is not a reward:

One of the earliest associations we have with food is comfort: a crying infant get’s a bottle and feels happy for a while. Food should be comforting when it satisfies hunger, but it should not merely be used as a substitute to satisfy other needs. A cranky toddler may calm down when you hand her a cookie, but a hug or a story might have worked just as well. Then there is the cranky adult who calms down when you give them chocolate. Is it not amazing what chocolate can do? But consider the message you are sending your kid when we are cranky: we eat. Help them learn to eat when they are hungry,

Major Health Benefits of Super Food Blue Green Algae From Elements For Life

One of the more important things for the human body is its balance. You can think of the human body as a well designed machine that requires balance in order to stay fine tuned. As long as the human body is kept in natural balance, it can fight against various infections and disorders such as cancer. Hence, the diet that you pursue can be very important in keeping you fit and healthy.

Immune system is perhaps the most important system in your body. It is the main system which helps to defend against viruses and bacteria that may invade your body which can lead to serious diseases. In fact, your immune system can be the most important tool for fighting against cancer. If your immune system malfunctions, then you will have severe problems related to cancer, as your body won’t be able to distinguish between healthy cells. Thus, your immune system will attack healthy cells instead and this can lead to even more serious disorders than cancer.

Thus, in order to keep your body functioning in a healthy state; it is important for your immune system to be kept in balance. You can easily achieve this by eating foods that help to boost your

Weight Loss For Life

You may have tried losing weight in the past, with poor or short-lived results. This can put even more stress on the body. What is needed is a healthy, and long-lasting approach. With this plan you will not be losing 10 or 20 pounds in a week or two, but rather a small and steady amount until you reach your target weight.

The steps outlined below are simple, but not always easy. Remind yourself of why you want to lose weight, and the ill effects obesity causes. Think of it this way: would you rather die from the effects of obesity, or would you rather lose some weight and enjoy more vibrant health?

1. Don’t go on a diet.

There is no need to deprive yourself. Eat when you are hungry; just eat a better choice of foods in appropriate portions. Skipping meals or eliminating whole groups of foods is a sure way to set yourself up for failure. You want to keep the weight off.

Eat a healthy and hearty breakfast to start your day right. Study after study has shown the benefits of doing so. Have a bit of food from the

A Few Tips About Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a simple way of protecting your dependents when you die. You pay a premium. If you die within the nominated term, the insurance company pays out. So what do you need to think about?

Well, life policies are offered everywhere as part of your credit card or loan packages, through membership of clubs and as standalones. As with any other product, shop around with your head fully engaged. Start with sites such as this obtaining free online quotes for life insurance. The more information you collect, the better. Find out exactly what premiums are required to produce a given amount of death benefit. Always compare like-for-like. Some insurers ask for monthly payments. Others go for quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. Similarly, companies usually offer terms from 1 to 20 years. Always get life insurance quotes for the same term.

It’s never a good idea to meet with an agent or company rep unless you already have a written quote for the particular companies being touted. Always explore your options face-to-face knowing what the general market has to offer. Never ever sign a binding contract at one of these meetings. Always take time to

Supplementing Your Health for a Great Lifestyle

Health is important and you need to maintain it in order to have a regular active life. Many of us do take our health for granted. Simply because you are able to do all that you need today, depriving your body of its basic requirement can cause a long term negative effect.

With the current change in lifestyle, many people opt for the easy-to-cook fast foods. Our home-made-nutritional food has become a thing of the past. Fast foods mainly contain fats and carbohydrates, which pose danger to our bodies if consumed at such alarming rates. It is therefore wise to start taking some health supplements if you are exposed to this kind of a lifestyle, as your body is definitely not getting all the nutrients it needs.

Health supplements should never be taken as a replacement for proper nutrition. Just like their name, they remain mere supplements. The work of these supplements is to complement your diet, not take over your diet.

Supplements you can consume along with your regular diet are Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, calcium and herbal health supplements and GNLD products among others.

Health supplements are important as they boost our immunity,

Useful Tips on How to Shop for Life Insurance

Before you sign your name on the dotted line, be sure that you have found a reliable Life Insurance Policy. These days everyone seems to be selling something, and insurance companies seem to be everywhere. As with every other good which is sold, there is fierce competition to be the best and have the lowest prices.

Unfortunately, insurance should not be considered a “better deal” type of purchase. It is very important to find a reliable company which will be around for many years to come. Nobody wants to invest money into a company, and when the time comes to collect – it’s suddenly defunct.

If you are not sure about certain companies, do not hesitate to do a little research. There are many websites which give reviews of various products and services, for those who may be looking to try something unfamiliar. Not only is this a purchase, but an investment, so be sure you are aware of the insurance company’s track record.

While the cost of life insurance will vary after taking into consideration the health, hobbies and habits of the individual, age seems to be the biggest factor. There are companies which

Top Tips For Life Insurance

If you take out one insurance package this year, life insurance is probably one of the most important to consider. Building up your wealth as well as securing your family’s financial future should be at the fore front of everyone’s mind which is why life insurance is an ever important investment when you fall foul to the unforeseen. Sourcing a life cover package to suit you can be quick and easy as long as you bear the following points in mind.

When looking into life cover it’s important that your policy contains enough cover. When organising your policy it is vital that you be 100% honest about your debts and really take time to consider what financial overheads need covered should you die and repayment duties pass to your spouse or children. If you have children you may also want to set aside funds to see them through school and university.

As a couple, you may be used to applying for credit cards and mortgages under two names. If you are a husband and wife looking for life insurance, taking out a joint policy isn’t always the best route. Instead, look into how best two single

How to Maintain Good Dental Health for Kids

Dental health for kids should be a priority for every parent. The condition of a child’s teeth has an impact on their confidence throughout their life hence it is advisable to start taking the right measures to ensure nice-looking teeth from an early stage in a kid’s life. With proper dental hygiene, dental carries and other types of dental illnesses that affect kids can be prevented. Any parent can protect their child from dental conditions if they instill proper dental care tips at an early age. Here is a look at some things that you should do to guarantee that your kid never suffers from dental problems. In addition to giving your child a beautiful smile, you are sure to boost their confidence with a few kid’s dental health tips.

Preventive Care Should Begin Before the First Tooth Emerges

This might sound strange but as a parent, you should start getting concerned about your kid’s dental health even before the first tooth appears. By beginning childhood dental care at an early stage, you are able to eliminate harmful plaque, which helps prevent future dental problems. After you feed the little one, you should gently clean her

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy For Life

As it is very common, to live a long and vigorous life, we must exercise regularly and eat good food, this is also true in the case of animals. However, many people do not know about the health and safety tips when it comes to basic health for dogs. Dogs, like humans, need a combination of good diet, workouts and affection, to live a long and healthy life. When used combined correctly, and done regularly your dog will enjoy a very long and healthy life.

The first and main thing you need to take into account and make sure you always take your dog for a walk every day. You must understand that dogs do not know about the benefits of regular exercise. That’s all up to you to make habitual exercise a part of the life of your dog so he can stay fit and healthy. You can find exercises on the Internet or seek help from a professional trainer, if you have trouble finding information on the best exercises dog. The more the time that you spend with your dog in the exercising, it will not only keep him in a good physical health but in

Teach Kids to Manage Their Diets for Life

Adults can best teach kids how to manage their diets for life, by setting a good example. This includes the types/quality of food you select, the times you eat, and quantity consumed – all should be taken into consideration. The younger children are when you begin teaching them how to manage their diets for life, the better.

Here are some tips that will help you teach your kids some of the best ways to manage their diet:

• Eat SLOWLY and Chew THOROUGHLY. Encouraging children to do this from a young age will help them create habits that will serve them well their entire life. Eating slowly helps one’s digestive system work most efficiently, requiring the least amount of strenuous activity. In other words, when food is thoroughly broken down prior to arriving in the digestive tract, that means less acid and other necessary enzymes will be required to help the food be properly converted into energy by the body. In turn, fewer fat cells will be created and stored, as they follow a healthy diets for life program, because the body is making optimum use of the nutrients contained in the food, dispensing it, then

Health For Women Education Could Be the Answer Dealing With Changes in the Body

A woman body is actually quite delicate though complex, it must be able to handle different changes taking place and also make adjustments in each stage of her life. Whenever it concerns health for women, it will be important for each and every woman for being educated and understand how her body changes so that she can understand these changes after which adapt to them in the best possible manner.

In reality, it is also a good idea to consult a health guide for women in order to learn how to remain fit as well as know about proper exercises, the way to pamper the muscles and even tips on how to maintain a top level of activity all the time as well as in addition, to also understand the benefits of taking a supplement diet so that you can remain fitter as well as healthier.

The Best Place To Start Is From Home

The home is the best place where a woman should begin her education based on health issues, and asking their mothers about body changes is a good starting point as far as understanding health for women is concerned. Thus, simple things

Simple Diets for Life Tips for Everyone

Like many people, you may well have tried just about every “bandwagon surefire weight loss” diet or drink that comes along, only to be dismayed when the weight you lost mysteriously reappeared. Most diets for life, fail because they’re simply a temporary fix for long-term bad habits.

You can correct those bad habits pretty easily, if you’re truly motivated, and follow healthy diets for life. Making healthier food choices, eating at regular times of day and staying hydrated are just a few of the weight loss tips you’ll find included below.

• Don’t skip breakfast! Start your day right by giving your body the fuel it needs to produce energy throughout the day, and you won’t suffer that mid-morning crash or slump and automatically reach for a pastry or another high calorie, zero nutrition, fat creating food. Some excellent breakfast choices include oatmeal; eggs; fruits and whole grain breads, these should always be included in your diets for life.

• Take your time when eating, making sure you thoroughly chew your food, There are a number of good reasons to cultivate this habit. The stomach requires a minimum of 15 minutes to send the signal

Quick Tips For Urinary Track Health For Cats For Treatment and Prevention

Learning some tips about urinary track health for cats can go a long way to preventing infections and bladder stones. Best of all, these same tips can also be used for treatment. Read this short article to help your cat get healthy and stay that way.

First, let’s talk about the symptoms. Since a cat with an infection is in pain, the cat may pee outside the litter box because it associates the litter box with pain. Cats may also cry when urinating, may bleed or may not want to drink water. If notice any of these symptoms, take your cat to the vet to rule out any other problems. Don’t delay because if a urinary track infection in male cats is left unattended, this could cause the kidneys to shut down.

Once your pet has been diagnosed, your vet may prescribe antibiotics which can help restore urinary track health for cats, but there are some issues that you need to be aware of. First, antibiotics are drugs and some cats just can’t tolerate them. If the side effects from the antibiotics make your cats worse, then the drugs are not doing their job. Also, some

Fat Loss With Healthy Eating For Life

Many people are looking for super fat loss ways to easily and quickly burn fat. But a few people try to find out the main cause of their obesity/overweight problem. The truth is that many people become obese / overweight because of the reason that they forget about eating for life. Eating for life is healthiest and easiest way to get rid of those extra pounds forever.

Here are 5 simple rules to consider in healthy eating for life:

1. Consume more fish.

Fish is all-important food everyone should include in his/her diet. Fish, especially fatty ones such as salmon, tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. And as you know, these fatty acids are vital in prevention against various types of cancer, heart attack.
You should enrich particularly your children’s diet with fish, as omega-3 fatty acids are vital for their brain development.

Practical tip: Eat fish at least 3-4 times a week.

2. Enrich your daily diet with fiber.

One cannot imagine healthy eating for life without fiber rich foods such as fruit and vegetables, whole grain bread, etc. These foods speed up our metabolism and help to burn fat.

Five Smart Tips Investing For Boomers I t s About More Than Just Money

Like most of my boomer friends, I’ve watched my hard-earned money invested in the stock market melt away before my eyes. Down 30 – 40 – now 50%!!!

If I were 25 I wouldn’t be so concerned. There’s lots of time for the market to get bullish again when you are only 25. But as a midlifer, time is not so long-term and it’s likely the market will never give back what it has taken away in the time I have left before my retirement. In fact, at this point retirement itself is a big question mark.

So what is a boomer – a person in mid-life to do? In what should I invest to make my money grow faster, stronger?

Here are five tips for the midlife investor:

#1. Go Green! – Despite the economic downturn, the U.S. of A. is a country filled with creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. The government finally recognizes the need to fight global warming and supporting the use of alternative fuels is the way to go. Money is finally being focused on the development of new ways of creating the energy our economy needs to grow.


California Health and Life Insurance What You Can Do To Get Lower Rates

For those who live in California, health and life insurance policies could cost a lot less if you do some things. Your insurance rates are not like the weather. You can do more than discuss them. You can change them for the better. Here are some tips to help you get lower rates for your health and life policies…

There are several factors that shape your health and life insurance rates. These factors help insurers calculate the risk associated with an insured. The first three things I list in this article, increase your risk. But, good a thing, you can do something about them.

1) Smoking and the use of tobacco in general increases the risk associated with insuring you. As we all know, smokers and users of tobacco are more victims of certain health conditions. You can quit smoking if you work hard at it. There are groups out there that will help you. Commit to it and you’ll succeed. Apart from the fact that you’ll get lower rates, you’ll live a healthier life.

2) There are dangerous sports. If you participate in such sports your life insurance rate will hit the roof. If

Top 10 Steps to Good Health For Women

The only thing about New Year resolutions is that they are forgotten soon, after. But post revelry and party excesses, here’s what you can do to get a fresh, new you.

1) Watch what you eat but avoid diets. Ensure your energy intake is enough to fuel your daily activities.

2) Maintaining a food and exercise dairy so you can keep track of both is a good idea.

3) Stock up on healthy snacks like prunes, roasted chana, low fat yogurt and nutria-bars.

4) Make sure you take your multi-vitamins and supplements regularly in case you are not getting then from diet.

5) Invest in a good pair of running or exercise shoes. Also, a good sports bra is an essential to prevent sagging and loosening of the ligaments.

6) Plan where you want to see yourself in a year and set goals. Do not give up if you are not there yet. Just keep trying.

7) Reward yourself once a month for following your fitness routine with perhaps some shopping, a massage or even a good meal.

8) Find 20 minutes in a day to calm your mind as

Vitamin D Levels Determine Your Health for Life

In the nature versus nurture debate, scientists often talk about genetics versus environmental factors in health. One environmental factor that has been getting a lot of attention lately is Vitamin D- and with good reason. Vitamin D is turning out to be a major influence in heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many other health problems. But Vitamin D is even MORE vital than was previously thought. New research is showing that even our Pre-Birth vitamin d levels are an important determinant of our future health.

When we speak of disease and health, we often think that people who are healthy are ‘lucky’ and people who are unhealthy as ‘unlucky’. But the debate is beginning to tip towards the fact that environmental factors influence genetics more than we can ever imagine, and luck of the genes has less to do with health than environmental factors. Vitamin D as an environmental factor in our health is not debated, only HOW MUCH of a factor in our health is what is debated.

“Careful attention to maternal vitamin D status could translate into diverse improvements in health outcomes for the following generation”
Professor John McGrath
Queensland Centre for Schizophrenia Research,